Interview With Classic Roots

Infusing tribal rhythms and his own boreal spirit over raw techno beats, Toronto’s Classic Roots is one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Determined to continue producing his own music and sharing it with the world, Electric Circuits caught up with Classic Roots before his DJ set at EC this weekend. Check out Classic Roots’ music on his Soundcloud page.

Is this your first Electric Circuits? Have you visited Kingston before?
Yes, this is my first time coming to Kingston and playing at Electric Circuits.

With established music scenes in Toronto and Montreal, why do you think smaller festivals like EC are important in places like Kingston? What role do you think they play?
To be honest, its important to play every where you can. You never know one person will like a certain sound you play or a track you compose.

How would you describe your sound?
My sound has a high energetic edge somewhere between the Berlin and Detroit techno sounds. I also mix it up with my own indigenous vocal sounds.

How did you get into making electronic music?
I first started using MPC 1000 and integrated software programs as in REASON. Learning how to create a synth, EQ and arranging sounds together into the mix track.

Who would you list amongst the biggest influences on your work, and why?
My biggest influence right now is M5 RECORDS and SECOND STATE Records. Their artists have some amazing heavy weight tracks that I’m truly inspired right now.

Is playing a festival like EC different to say, playing a small club or a larger festival? Does it effect what and how you play?
No not really, I’m very open when it comes to playing any venue. I’m always bringing the high energy to everyone and knowing the “NOD” means I’m doing a great job when it comes to mixing and spreading the positive vibes.

Can you tell us a little about your set-up? What hardware and software will you be using for your performance?
My set is THREE CDJ 2000NXS decks and a DJM 900NXS2 MIXER.

Does this differ much from what you’d use at home, when writing and producing?
At home I use MACBOOK PRO, REASON 10, miniLAB MK2 Keyboard, H2N Handy recorder and a DRUM MACHINE

How much preparation goes into putting together your set or performance before hand?
I prep for a about two-three hours by listening to the Key’s from the tracks I listen to.

Which other artists playing at EC this year are you excited to see?
I’m excited to see Paraphonique play. His sounds are very unique and tranced.

Classic Roots is performing on Friday, April 20th, 2018 at The Isabel, as part of Electric Circuits 2018. Details and tickets available on the Facebook event here.

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