Night one :: FRIDAY, OCT 22

Mandi Morgan (visuals) + Sacha Ratcliffe (audio) :: Animated illustrations + live auditory accompaniment

DJ Syrup 9pm
Bryan Wolf Ear 11pm

VJ Bun Bun



Shannon Brown (bowls) + Mariana Marcassa (audio) :: crystal bowl + live Brazilian sound therapy


Debbie Doe 9pm
Supply + Demand 10pm
Ciel 11pm


VJ Bun Bun





Mandi Morgan is a multi-visual artist based in Montreal, Canada. She specializes in animation, illustration, and digital arts. Inspired by the forests of her native British Columbia, she developed a strong connection to the natural world. Her mandate as an artist is to focus her practice on themes that promote the stewardship and preservation of the natural environment. She completed her BFA in Film Production in 2010 from the MHSoC in Montreal, Canada where she was the recipient of the Bruce Mallen award for cinematography. She then worked as an educator at the National Film Board of Canada. In 2017, she completed a graduate certificate in digital technologies and storytelling from Concordia University, Montreal.

Sacha Ratcliffe is a sound designer and musician based in Montreal. Since obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in Film Production at Concordia University, Sacha has distinguished herself as a sound designer on numerous projects, presented in major festivals, such as La Semaine de la Critique and La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs de Cannes, Toronto International Film Festival, Annecy International Film Festival, Ottawa International Animation Film Festival, Locarno International Film Festival, Festival du Nouveau Cinema and many more! Her audiovisual installation Le Bruit de l’Inconnu (2015) was presented in Marseille, France, as part of the Made in Friche festival. In April 2016 and again in May 2017, she presented Les Ondes du Bonheur (2016) at Espace Cercle Carré in Montreal.



DJ Syrup

Rural Ontario based producer DJ Syrup has an eclectic style. A self taught musician, he’s been making his own music since 2012 with a focus on sample and synth based instrumentals. An enthusiasm for vintage hardware and early electronic music influences the raw sound of his productions and mixes, sometimes to a fault – though what he considers important are the feelings experienced and enjoys finding creativity within those limitations. 



Somali-Canadian sound artist and producer from Montreal. “Oh-book-sum” creates art as a means of healing and survival.


Bryan Wolf Ear :: Headliner

As the driving force behind Strange Town Recordings, Indigenous artist Bryan Wolf Ear is a champion of the underground. Under his guidance, the label is responsible for introducing some of the brightest up and coming names in progressive house music. For over 20 years, Bryan has honed his craft as a DJ, sharing the stage with artists, Booka Shade, Miss Melera, Pole Folder and Isolée. In addition the Canadian born and Montréal native holds a residency at the world-renowned Le Salon Daomé and hosts a radio-show ‘Strange Town Frequencies’ broadcasted monthly on Proton Radio.




Mariana Marcassa was born in rural Brazil, in a family connected to the earth that made cheese, sang to their animals and lived on a rural tree spotted landscape. Since 2017, she lives and works in Tiohtià:ke / Mooniyaang / Montreal where she has been developing a theoretical and practical approach to sound and voice explorations, and the creation of experimental listening techniques. She works with individuals and
groups, in private or as a performer. It has been through voice and sound–as performance, as aesthetic proposition and clinical intervention– that Mariana has been asking how an engagement with sound as vibration and voice not subordinated to the spoken-language– might facilitate new modes of experience, and new techniques for living. Mariana has a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She did postdoctoral research at Concordia University where she worked with SenseLab, Acts of Listening Lab, Angelique Willkie and the performing arts cluster LePARC. She is the author of the double book BANZO SOUNDS and BANZO LANDSCAPE, an English-Portuguese publication by Grosse Fugue Edition, published in December 2019.



Montréal-born Debbie Doe specializes in electronic music production and 3D sound design. Having studied electroacoustics at Concordia University and taking inspiration from theatre and the notion of play, their music takes on a myriad of roles where spacious percussions meet unusual samples. In perpetual search of new and creative methods and techniques, they combine field recordings, magnetic tape sampling and analog gear in order to craft multidimensional tracks and live sets, resulting in a fusion of jazz, dub, abstract percussions and breaks with poetic and hypnotic undertones. Accustomed to the Piknic Électronik and MUTEK stages, Debbie Doe can often be found behind the decks of Stereo and Stereobar and regularly performs at various underground events in Montréal, alongside local and international artists.

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Drawing from varied influences, Eric Miles and Daniel Torrance (Supply/Demand) weave slowly evolving textures with nuanced dubby grooves, creating hypnotic minimal rhythms designed to move body and mind.

Supply/Demand has releases on Obsolete Components (Toronto), MixCult (Russia), What Robot Says (Germany) and Architextures (Toronto).



Ciel is a Xi’an-born and Toronto-based producer, DJ, pianist, and radio host. She is the creator of Work in Progress, a women-artist-prioritizing concert series in Toronto; a co-founder of the immersive multidisciplinary events platform It’s Not U It’s Me; and a co-owner of Toronto-based electronic music label Parallel Minds. She hosts a monthly radio show on Rinse FM in London, UK and is a member of the internationally-renowned women & LGBTQIA+ DJ collective, Discwoman. Her first EP came out on UK label Peach Discs in 2017 to acclaim. She followed that up with Hundred Flowers EP on London’s Coastal Haze and a 4-tracker on Ghostly International’s sister label, Spectral Sound (Detroit). Her next record, Trojan Horse, was released on NYC label Thanks for Enlightening Me, and she released her first collaborative EP as Psychedelic Budz with Berlin-based artist D.Tiffany on Planet Euphorique in 2020. She released her second collaborative EP as Cloudsteppers with Toronto-based Dan Only on X-Kalay Records in 2021.
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