2020 Lineup

Night one :: FRIDAY OCTOBER 16 


Josh Lyon (7PM-9PM)
Diagraf (9PM-MID)


Kakaow 7pm
Melo-T 8pm
Clint House 9pm
Matt & Mark Thibideau 10pm
DJ Elektra 11pm


Theland Kicknosway 7pm
Francisco Corbett 8pm
Kingston Freestyle Dance 9-11pm

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night two :: SATURDAY OCTOBER 17


VJ BunBun (9PM-MID)


Witch Prophet 7pm
SunSun 7:30pm
Korea Town Acid 9:00pm
Moaad + DauRa 10pm


Katie Gutz (7:30 & 10pm)
Kingston Circus Arts 8:30pm

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artist bios – night one


Diagraf (9PM-MID)


Patrick Trudeau is a Montreal based DJ, VJ, and filmmaker who has been building a reputation for precision and quality in these three fields. A truly multidisciplinary artist, his work bridges sound, image, and technology. As a VJ he has performed at many quality events including SAT Mixsessions, Eclipse Festival 2009 and 2010, Igloofest 2010, 2011 and 2012, and many private events and parties. In 2009 he officially launched the Unreal Dwelling Studio, home to his various artistic and commercial endeavors.

With a filmmaker’s perspective on visual thematics and narrative, Diagraf combines minimalist aesthetics and complex evolutive graphics with emotive cinematic content. Keenly tuned in to the sounds of the musicians and producers he works alongside, Diagraf often creates new content inspired by their music, working much like a filmmaker in reverse as he edits his images live while the musical performance unfolds.

Josh Lyon (7PM-9PM) 



Josh Lyon is a filmmaker based in Kingston, Ontario. He has directed, shot and edited over a hundred short films & micro-documentaries, and his work has been featured on CBC’s ZeD and screened at Film Festivals in Kingston, Toronto, and Adelaide, Australia. He has produced, directed and animated music videos for bands such as Rock Plaza Central, Colin Munroe, Danielle Lennon, and folk duo Dala. Josh currently teaches in the Music & Digital Media program at St. Lawrence College.



DJ Elektra


As a teenage DJ startup in the 90s, Monika spent hours in the basement on direct drive decks, absorbing the sounds of Detroit. As DJ Elektra, Monika has since played alongside many of her key influences with a career highlight in Berlin at Tresor’s “New Faces”. She has a passion for dropping techno & electro on three decks and enjoys sculpting her own sound in the studio using analog hardware. From:

Matt & Mark Thibideau


Long-time contributors to the Canadian electronic music scene, Matt and Mark Thibideau have performed under a few different monikers (Repair, Altitude, Mark & Matt Thibideau) in the last 15 years. As a duo, or on their own, they’ve played some of the most influential clubs and festivals in the world, doing so without compromising their talent or commitment to producing artful music. They have joined forces to incorporate elements of both of their respective outputs fusing two separate bodies of work in one cohesive live performance. As much dance floor-ready as it is synapse stimulating, it’s music that resists easy classification. The fraternal twins perform hypnotic dub techno, slow-burning deep house to energetic machine-tech curiosities on hardware synthesizers and drum machines.

clint house

Facebook – Soundcloud

Brockville Ontario-based Clint House has long had an affliction with the heady techno sounds of the Midwest. Tuning in to nearby Ottawa University and College radio stations in the early 90s …with his hand on the antenna to get the best possible recording on cassette … he was captivated by the ethos these faceless musical trailblazers radiated. After years of tracking down records and travelling to the parties that existed in pockets throughout Canada during this time, Clint gradually developed his own take on the tracky, yet emotive dance floor minded grooves that inspired him. Digital releases with Hamilton’s Fun In The Murky and Ottawa’s Low Noise Recordings allowed Clint to cut his teeth and turn his live jams into completed works. Writing material for the live set is always first and foremost. Getting involved with nearby Kingston Ontario festival & collective, Electric Circuits, Clint leveraged his knowledge of the scene into compelling event programming as it goes into its 4th year in 2020.



Tumelo “MELO-T” Ponalo can’t imagine a time before music. For as long as the Zimbabwean-Canadian musician can remember, music has always been there, serving as a driving force of creativity and self-expression. As a young child, MELO-T recalls being intrinsically drawn to the rhythms made by the Marimba, mbira instruments and Ngoma drums, and inspired by the catchy and upbeat tunes heard from pop stars on the radio. Now living in Ottawa, Canada, MELO-T has all but lost the musical sounds and cadence native to his home country. As an established and highly sought songwriter and producer, under his musical project and label “Music by Melo,” he unleashes his creative birthright and makes music that transcends both demographics and borders. Similarly, as a DJ, known as “MELO-T,” his original mixes regularly serve as the soundtrack to packed venues and vivacious dance floors. Drawing inspiration from South African DJ Black Coffee and Zimbabwe’s Oliver Mtukudzi and Sango, MELO-T’s music embraces a variety of distinctly unique genres—hip-hop, reggaeton, Latin music, and R&B, to name a few—into one pure and melodic sound known as “Afro Fusion.” Not tobe confused with Afro Beats, the increasingly mainstream genre crossing airwaves from Africa, Afro Fusion is a delicate blend few have managed to master. This rare sound is just one of the many reasons why MELO-T remains one of Ottawa’s hottest artists. And his talent hasn’t gone unnoticed; over the years, his originally produced music has earned a spot on the turntables of popular Canadian DJs, including Rise Ashen, Trevor Walker, J Fun, Akpossaul, Ray Ray and DJ Kam, MELO-T’s unique artistry has also been recognized as a significant contribution to Canada’s cultural landscape. In 2015, as one of two members of Tribal Threat, an Ottawa-based DJ group, he wasselected by TD Bank and the Black Artists’ Networks in Dialogue (BAND) to perform as part of Then & Now, a national Black History Month series.


Bandcamp – Facebook

Ricky Brant is a psychedelic and funk infused multi instrumentalist with over a decade of professional music experience. His work has been showcased in venues across Canada throughout his playing history including: The Oasis – Halifax, NS, The Grand Theatre – Kingston, ON, and Vincent Massey Park – Ottawa, ON, during the Summer Solstice, Indigenous Festival in 2014.

Brant’s musical abilities have been featured in various bands such as: Shushlang, Caveman Techno, Spencer Evan’s Band, Fossils and Gospel’s and The Hellhound Trail,Blues Band.



Kingston Freestyle Dance


Kingston Freestyle Dance was established to preserve, build, and empower street dance in Kingston. We offer (i) classes and workshops to the Kingston community, (ii) weekly sessions around Queen’s campus, and (iii) battles, showcases, and socials for dancers of all styles! We pride ourselves on the eclectic mix of street styles that characterize our collective. Our guiding principle is that ANYONE can dance! We offer opportunities for dancers of all levels—from those who can’t yet step to a rhythm, to those who have already battled at jams and events! Hit us up for more info!

Theland Kicknosway


Theland Kicknosway is Wolf Clan, a proud Potawatami/Cree Nation youth advocate and member from Walpole Island, Bkejwanong Territory in Southern Ontario. He is an Indigenous youth, a singer, grass & hoop dancer, and helps in ceremonies in many places.

live painting by francisco corbett

Instagram – Twitter

Francisco Corbett is a painter, performance artist and director of an art label titled FORWORLD in which he produces large scale runway shows, concept shows, and art galleries.





Vimeo – Facebook – Instagram 

BunBun is a Montréal-based VJ whose style is best described as brightly hued, ultra-textured, beat-synced, and holographic looking. Bun specializes in real-time projection mapping with a distinct artistic vision for uniquely animated, high-energy illuminations. Bun’s work has been showcased on BE-AT.TV and seen around North America at events / venues like: Mutek, Stereo Nightclub, Jazz Fest, Bass Coast, Île Soniq, Pride Montréal, Burning Man, Igloofest and many more! BunBun has also performed visuals alongside reputable artists such as Alicia Keys, John Digweed, Lee Burridge, Rüfüs Du Sol, Atari Teenage Riot and hundreds of more musicians.

SEKS – (7PM-9PM)

Website – Facebook – Tumblr

SEKS is an acronym for Sabrina Elizabeth Kalli Somethings. SEKS works in a variety of mediums for different reasons – feeling that moving images keep painting a picture, while the mind is still processing what it sees. In this way the viewer might become less attached to interpreting what the eyes record and more in tune with the emotion of the moment. Environments serve to encapsulate and frame that perception. Some things are more than just things. SEKS has worked with a multitude of companies and crews including: Architextures, Promise, Box of Kittens,Spectrum,Sound Advice,Globetrotter, Destiny, Organic Family, Utility Sound, Danielle Rebelle Productions, Wiggly, Last Planet, Bass Witch Coven, The Squigly Duck, Solstice





Witch Prophet is a queer, Ethiopian/Eritrean, singer-songwriter, and the Co-CEO of Heart Lake Records. She provides her fans with a soundscape of vocal layers, loops, raps, and harmonies on a bed of hip-hop, jazz, and soul-inspired beats. Think Erykah Badu meets Lauryn Hill meets Jill Scott. Witch Prophet has shared the stage with and opened for acts likeTHEESatisfaction, Shabazz Palaces, Lido Pimienta, A Tribe Called Red, Climbing Poetree, SAMMUS, Sean Leon, JPEGMAFIA, The Cliks, Rae Spoon, Zaki Ibrahim, Kae Sun, and LAL, to name a few. Her vocals have appeared on Shad’s “Flying Colours” LP (2013) as well as2009’s Polaris Prize winner Fucked Up’s LP “Dose your Dreams” (2018). She has toured Europe independently twice; playing shows in Paris, Amsterdam, London, and Berlin, as well as performed at North American and European music festivals like: Black Women Rock, New Skool Rules, Soul Of Brooklyn, AlliedMedia Conference, Montreal Jazz Festival, Sappy Fest, Electric Eclectic, Summerworks, Ottawa Capital Pride, Pride Toronto, Pop Montreal, Halifax Pop Explosion and so many more! Her free EPs “H.P.B”, and “Architect of Heartbreak Remixes” were met with great praise when released fall of 2016 and spring of 2017. As was her highly anticipated album “The Golden Octave” released via her own label Heart Lake Records, May 2018. 

In March of 2020, Witch Prophet released her Ontario Arts Council funded sophomore LP “D.N.A Activation”. An ode to her Ethiopian and Eritrean ancestral roots, fusing Jazz, Hip-Hop, Soul and RnB with songs sung in English, Amharic, and Tigrinya. Co-produced by herself and her partner SUN SUN, praised by press and music lovers alike, DNA Activation was shortlisted for the 2020 Polaris Music Prize.



Sun Sun is a Toronto based DJ, producer, member of rap-electro, dub hop group Above Top Secret and Witch Prophet. She has opened for and shared the stage with amazing acts like Shabazz Palaces, A Tribe Called Red, Lido Pimienta, JPEG MAFIA and many more. She is also the Co-Owner/CEO of Caledon based label Heart Lake Records.

Korea Town Acid


Korean born, Toronto-based DJ/Producer/Live PA performer Korea Town Acid is a classically trained pianist who uses hardware synth and drum machines to create her own unique sound design on experimental dance music. Her DJ sets are eclectic, drawing from left-filed House and Techno and Experimental IDM, rap and jungle, and her substantial energy has taken her globally world-wide, from the RBMA Bass Camp, to Boiler Room, MUTEK Montreal and various clubs in Europe and her hometown of Seoul. KTA is also an educator and mentor worked with Roland Canada and Intersessions with respect to DJing and live hardware productions and has monthly residency at the Lot Radio based in Brooklyn, New York.

Moaad + Daura


Moaad & Daura are the founders of RE:UNION MTL, an intimate afterparty series based in Montreal dedicated to curating a musical vibe for the type of party goer who enjoys swimming in those deep and melancholic waters, all the while resonating within a state of heightened sonic energies composed of obscure rhythms that leave you feeling dazed and intrigued.





Erin Ball is a circus artist, coach, double below knee amputee and an advocate for access in the arts. She has performed and coached internationally. She runs Kingston Circus Arts, a local circus space and she co-founded LEGacy Circus, an inclusive performance company.  The Kingston Circus Troupe is joining Erin to provide ambient acrobatics and aerial arts.  

Katie Gütz


Katie Gutzman, known as Gutz (pronounced Gootz), has been involved in flowarts since 2012, when she first fell in love with what she calls her ‘gateway prop,’ the hula hoop. Since then, she’s been steadily training on a multitude of fire and LED props under the guidance of some of the best performers in the world, Lisa Lottie, Lux Luminous, and Shade Flamewater. Born in Kingston and raised in Prince Edward county, Gutz spent the past decade in Ottawa where she has performed a variety of private and public shows, including for The Ottawa Nature Museum and events like Harvest Noir. She is very happy to get back to her roots and connect with the local arts community. v

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