2019 Lineup

Friday, March 29
Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts
390 King St. West

Studio Theatre
Visual Environment: Dems and Doll
Equal Ways 8pm
YlangYlang 11pm

Rehearsal Hall
Visual Environment: Markus Heckmann
Mat Almeida 8pm
Raul Vargas 9:30pm
Claire Kenway 11:30pm

Screening Room Queen’s u0026amp; SLC Student Film Showcase
8pm until close

Saturday, March 30
Agnes Etherington Art Centre, 36 University Ave.

Visual Environment: Pixels u0026amp; Plans, Shannon Brown
Boogey The Beat 8pm
Steinjah 10pm
Antwon Faulkner 11:30pm

Visual Environment: Powerlines, Sean Bokenkamp
Konig 8:30pm (live at 9:30pm)
softcoresoft 10:30pm

Etherington House
Visual Environment: Sarah Hamelin, Fran Corbett, Yan-Nick Michaud
Franco Bellavita 8pm
Magnanime 10pm
DJ TigerStylez 11:30pm



Dems and Doll


Dems and Doll are a married art team with roots in the Ottawa art community since the mid 90’s. This everything art duo have been breaking boundaries in the art scene and creating not only a buzz for public art, they are opening doors for street art to be taken in different directions and expose it to the public eye.  From over 100 murals in their city, designing stages and environments for multiple events, building giant interactive art sculptures, to creating and running their annual Night Lights  festival in Ottawa, the dynamic force of Dems and Doll is second to none and known for always thinking outside the box.




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Catherine Debard has roots in Montreal’s experimental music scene, a community in which she has been actively involved for several years. Under the moniker YlangYlang, a solo project she has developed since 2012, Debard translates experiences, memories, emotions and senses into electronic sounds through a delicate balance of improvisation and composition. She has released records internationally on labels such as Crash Symbols (USA), Phinery (DK), Fluere Tapes (SE) and ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ (RU).





Ottawa based Paul Anthony has had a busy year under his KI pseudonym, with a 12″ vinyl remix appearing on the colossal Rising High Records UK label, as well as new material appearing on Ozone Recordings UK. This was augmented with even more releases appearing on local imprints Low Noise Productions, and Spins u0026amp; Needles. Paul’s ambient project Equal Ways [Cosmetiq UK] has enjoyed airplay on various Canadian FM and European radio stations (199Radio, Futuremusic.fm), with several tracks being play listed for several months on Chill FM (London UK).





Markus Heckmann was born 1977 in Leipzig, GDR. He attended the University Ilmenau and Bauhaus University Weimar studying Media-technology. He left university in January 2006 to work as a Technical Director with Derivative, the makers of TouchDesigner, in Toronto, Canada.


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Learning under the wings of family members ‘The Karvello Brothers’, Mat quickly found himself behind the decks in Kingston’s underground scene. His passion for music later directed him towards producing, and working to establish his own sound. After signing his debut EP “Humanoid” (2017) with Subwoofer Records (Italy), Mat has continued his success with recent projects on labels like MTZ Noir (Belgium), and Driven Recordings (USA); along with an anticipated release on Spanish Imprint Tres14.  Currently, Mat is working both in and out of the studio to further develop his sound, and establish himself as a professional artist. Be on the look out for his debut LP release, along with various EPs from the Kingston Native in 2019.




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Raul’s fusion of musical cuisine calls for House Techno and a dash of latin all specially blended to put some flavour on the dance floor. Toronto vet recently started his own label Cuete (Spanish for firecracker or bang) where he pushes local and international talent. Stoked to be playing his first Electric Circuits 




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Deep inside Montreal’s underground Claire concocts her unique sound. Deep trippy techno, disturbed by psychedelic melodies, oriental chords and mysterious whispers, a flow meant to wake up some goosebumps and feelings you weren’t aware of until now. A Montrealer born and raised on the west coast, you might say that her productions are the musical manifestation of her connection to the Canadian landscape: valleys of bass, coniferous percussive elements that never fade, and dreamy melodies. Not only can you hear the wind in her productions, you can hear it in her critically acclaimed 2013 sound installation, the Windcatcher, a machine that transforms breeze to beats.



PIXELS u0026amp; PLANS

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Pixels and Plans is a creative technology studio founded by long-time collaborators Julia Krolik and Owen Fernley. They fuse scientific integrity with engaging design to create impactful knowledge mobilization products and science-based art. The scope of their work is expansive and includes interactive data visualization tools, data-based art installations and custom projection mapping software. Pixels and Plans inspire their audiences by harnessing powers of technology and imagination.

Shannon Brown


An artist, arts educator, film producer and arts administrator, Shannon’s most recent exhibition, The PORTALS Series, delves into the use of digital technology to assist in her quest to unite the left and right sides of her body in the act of art making. Her visionary art hangs in collections across Canada, Mexico and the US and she has exhibited in over 40 venues from The Canadian Consulate in San Miguel Allende Mexico, and The Edward Day Gallery to The Atlanta Georgia Folk Festival and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Shannon’s company Elevator Films produces documentary films on subjects such as Laughter (Laughology, 2010), Stupidity (2003), Gay Marriage (Escape to Canada, 2004) and Precognitive Dreaming (Seeing 911, 2010). These films have been broadcast on Discovery Channel, CBC, CTV, Channel 4 in the UK, and The IFC among others. Shannon has studied Earth Medicine with Liddy Flewelling, Dreaming with Robert Moss and Visionary Art with Alex and Allyson Grey, attending the invitation only visionary intensive at COSM in 2016. She found her first creative family as a Senior Singer with The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede and since then has been the lead singer in a number of bands in Montreal, Kingston and Toronto.




Boogey The Beat is an Anishinaabe DJ and Producer from Winnipeg, Canada who blends traditional Indigenous songs with modern electronic beats. His DJing skills have landed him on stages for the Indspire Awards, Canada Day 150 Main Stage in Ottawa, National Aboriginal Day LIVE presented by APTN, and multiple festivals across Turtle Island. His first single, HOKA, reached number 1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown and landed him licensing opportunities providing music for CBC, APTN, and Vice Media.




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After years of promoting and curating events as 40hz productions, steinjah was looking for opportunities to better showcase the music she loved. Teamed up with partner Jon Spyne they soon created the 40hz sound system and immediately started touring with their giant stack of speakers. Once the sound was established the lure to control it was unstoppable and now steinjah can be found in the dj booth dropping bass heavy jams from reggae to hip hop and her joie de vivre attitude can be felt throughout her sets – a vibe not to be missed, especially on the mighty 40hz sound.




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Antwon Faulkner has been in the game for nearly three decades now. Born and raised in Detroit, Antwon started hustling mixtapes at the age of sixteen. With music in his blood, this is truly what he was born to do.   |  At thirty-five Antwon briefly relocated to Arizona but it wasn’t until late 2008, when he moved to Toronto, did we really get exposed to this next exciting chapter. While people may be more familiar with his DJ moniker, the infamous “Twonz,” in 2009 we got to know a new Antwon, an Antwon re-energized, excited and motivated. His focus shifted from throwing parties and DJing to making music and really honing his craft as a producer. Spending countless hours in the studio, Antwon is careful to avoid listening to others while in his creative zone so the product reflects him and him alone, devoid of any outside influences. With an upgrade in equipment and new pieces of gear, we’ve seen Antwon turn a corner in which he has found his lane and is settling in really nicely. The results are heard in using less loops and playing more of his own keys. While he still regularly releases tracks on his own imprint, “Hijacked Records Detroit,” recent years have seen him spreading the love with multiple releases and remixes on “Restructured Recordings,” “Bulletdodge Records,” “KMS Records.” “Downside UP,” “Elephanthaus,” “Thoughtless Music,” “Motech LTD,” “UNT Records,” “Frequenza,” and “RF Trax.”





Konig has been performing and producing electronic pop music since 2013. She writes songs that speak to her heart, and has been told that she makes good break up music. Her last project, Attractive Form, was released in February 2017. Konig is excited to be working toward a new album, and experimenting with the genre. She has been performing with doom pop trio Deux Trois since July 2017.




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softcoresoft (Leticia Trandafir) is a Montreal-based DJ, music producer, radio host and cultural organizer. Her sonic aesthetic fuses acid, hypnotic techno, rave musics and broken beats. She played Discwoman events in both Montreal and Brooklyn, as well as Piknic Électronik, MUTEK Montreal twice, Igloofest, Pop Montreal, Datcha, LIP, Ciel’s ‘Work in Progress’ party in Toronto, LAUT in Barcelona, Golzheim in Düsseldorf, Urban Spree and Polygon in Berlin, the Bergen International Festival (Norway),and many raves. She hosts Ravelength Radio, a monthly show on N10.AS, Montreal’s online community radio. She also co-runs the rave collective Lagom. softcoresoft is set to release an EP on Lobster Theremin in 2019



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I’m originally from Toronto, and played various clubs and warehouse events there during the 90’s. I have lived in Kingston since 1999, and held multiple nightclub residencies here, playing once to twice weekly for almost 15 years. I’m an open format dj, and have played a variety of music — House, Techno, Urban Groove, Pop/Dance, Dub, Nu Disco.  I even mix Country.  It just depends on where I’m playing. I am currently doing live dj/yoga events, playing a multi-genre mix of rhythmic downtempo.  Very deep, very groovy, very chill.  (This is also what I will be playing at Electric Circuits)




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As a Montreal-bred musician and sound designer, Sara Magnan, a.k.a. Magnanime, takes inspiration from the people, places, and happenings she experiences in her cosmopolitan setting. Her music is a constant reinvention and metamorphosis of her deep musical spring that grazes her personal essence, the socio-political and environmental influences, and manifests into a dance music experience that seeks to exchange with the audience. With swing, contradiction and constant groove roofing her house, she is a soul-mama that takes the dancefloor on a psychedelic journey.

As a female pioneer in the Montreal experimental techno house scene, in 2015 she released her first 12” EP Don’t Wait For Me on the Chicago-based label Siteholder records with remixes from Akufen and Brian Ffar. She since has been part of releases such as The Fable, a double-vinyl compilation on Klangscheiben, and she was also part of the Horror Inc Remixed compilation Perlon 106.





Franco Bellavita oscillates between visual and sonorous universes through his works, including sound design, analog photography and collage as the main mediums.  His  cinematic sound imagery blends field recordings from his daily life and travels, acoustic and electronic instruments, and digital processing into a contemplative sensory experience, using phonography as a medium to overlap fragments of time and space into present. Magic elements play a natural role in an otherwise mundane, realistic environment, creating a marvelous reality filled with supernatural beings and daily life situations, recalling “Magic Realism” tradition, painting soundscapes and scenes on imaginary canvas.


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POWERLINES is the artist duo made up of Francisco Corbett and Eric L Chen created to produce bold and unpredictable artistic statements. Francisco is an independent artist that was adopted from Guatemala at five months old and has resided in Kingston, Ontario for 21 years. Eric is a designer and creative director from Mississauga, Ontario currently in his fourth year of studies at Queen’s University.





Sean creates soundscapes using digital delays as well as digital glitch, hold and and sampling guitar pedals. He is also an avant-garde filmmaker and animator and plays live, improvised soundtracks for his animation and film pieces. He has been making experimental films and videos for over 20 years. He received a grant from the National Film Board for his recent film Ghost Light, and received a film grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to make an experimental documentary about walking in 2002. His work has screened at the NY Video Festival, The Wexner Center for the Arts, Cornell Cinema, The Pacific Film Archives, The Media City Film Festival and The Big Muddy Film Festival.

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