Festival of Electronic Music, Performance, and Digital Art

Kingston needs this festival. We need places for us to showcase our experimental work. ~ Geronimo Inutiq

Past lineups

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a transformational acknowledgement

In 2015, three women in Kingston, Ontario, noted a regional absence of venues for trans, Indigenous, female and artists of colour working in the genres of electronic music and digital art.

We encountered artists in these genres who had never once performed within 200Kms of their homes, and audience members who had to become tourists just to hear the music they liked. We encountered Indigenous artists with groundbreaking works that had never played outside of Canada’s largest cities. Many audience members we spoke to did not see their culture represented in the lineup of artists at these large, established festivals.

After a year of mission statements and grant applications, a two day festival emerged to nourish a culture of acceptance and experimentation on the shores of our converging rivers, on unceded Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe territory. Electric Circuits was born in 2017, and is now, in 2020, in its fourth year and still growing.

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