On April 7th and 8th, 2017, the inaugural Electric Circuits festival of Canadian electronic music and digital art took place in Kingston, Ontario.

Electric Circuits is a non-profit, unincorporated collective of musicians, producers, promoters and media artists joined as volunteers to coordinate an annual festival of Canadian electronic music performance and digital art in Kingston, Ontario, on Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe land. In addition to two nights of immersive, multivalent electronic music, house, and techno sets, the festival will feature workshops, digital projections and movement-based art in five rooms in total, on this inaugural year.

Our Mandate

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Rehearsal Room

Visual Environment: 

Greg Wilson/ Hri Neil/

Cecily Taylor

10:30pm Big River Dream 

11:30pm Echo Beach /

performance by Stéfy McKnight

12:30am Geronimo Inutiq / visuals by Hri Neil

1:30am Atra Aeterna / 

visuals by Hri Neil

2:30am Michael Trommer / visuals by Hri Neil


Rehearsal Hall

Visual Environment: Decomposing Pianos  

9:00pm Kerista

9:30pm Ziibiwan

10:30pm CMD (live)

11:30pm Rise Ashen


Studio Theatre 

Visual Environment:

Ty Tekatch

9pm Opinion

10pm Revlux   

10:45pm Solpara

11:30pm Booma Collective


Malting Tower 

Visual Environment: 

Frances Adair McKenzie

10pm CMD (dj)

11:30pm Murr / dance performance by Kala Seraphin

1am Alicia Hush / aerials performance by Erin Ball

2:30am Basic Soul Unit

2017 Lineup:

School of Dance 

Visual Environment: 

Hri Neil/Dan Browne

10pm Safetydept

12am Hans Ohm

2am Miss Moss

4am Ben Lodge

2017 Edition was supported by: